Mara Migration 2022 Edition

Posted on: Sep 17 2022 6:15 AM
3rd Sep 2022 to 12th Sep 2022 After 2 years of wait - because of covid restrictions, I resumed my yearly affair. My solo trips began and of-course the first one was to the Mecca of Wildlife. Some unique perspectives to my work, followed the legendary Queen of Talek - Bahati, Spent time with the Lion Pride Legends - Topi Pride, Fig Tree Pride, Rokero Pride, Tano Bora Brothers (2) - I must say, just like every time, i feel, I am part of these legendary Tribes/Prides or whatever you want to call it - It is a special feeling. 9 Days went like 9 Minutes.

The Mercury Rising Series - Ranthambore April 2021 Edition

Posted on: Apr 14 2021 11:16 PM
4th April to 8th April 2021, Ranthambore I almost missed this trip but built enough courage to hop into the flight. Once in the flight, i was stable enough to day-dream about the opportunities that i would get in RTB. Had a fantastic stay in Ranthambore Haveli & Resorts - A truly palatial experience, great food & courteous staff. Had a blast of sightings - 17, 1 Leopard and the elusive Egyptian Vulture. Here are some of the curated images from the trip. Canon Gear - IDX MII, 70-200mm, R5 with 500mm f4, 16-35mm

Kings Sanctuary, Nagarhole, 27th, 28th & 29th March 2021

Posted on: Apr 13 2021 7:43 AM
A quick trip to the Virgin Forest of Karnataka, Nagarhole was worth! I had zero expectations from this trip. Intent was to let my hair down, relax, let go off the stress and humungous "office" stuff. I enjoyed my brief stay. Fantastic property (resembles african design), amazing staff with good food. Met up my old friends as well. Couple of Tigers and the usual suspects kept me busy through out my game drives.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve, 19th to 21st March, 2021

Posted on: Apr 13 2021 7:25 AM
It was ages since I visited Bandipur after a disastrous trip of 8 Safaris when the cats didn't bother me at all. This time, not to give up, I still went ahead, to check if my lady luck would smile. Well, she wouldn't. Cats didn't want to give me an audience at all but personally, it was the best trip i have had. I could frame lot of Raptors / Birds of Prey, Elephants under varied lighting conditions. The forest was in pale brown, with summer set in. A trip i'd certainly remember for a very long time for multiple other reasons.

Kabini Feb 24 2021 Edition

Posted on: Mar 4 2021 6:32 AM
What a trip this was! Arguably one of the best trips I have had. Lady luck smiled big time at me and just like every time, Kabini blessed me once again! How can i say no to an invitation from a dear friend of mine? It was impromptu and boy did i say yes! A whopping yes! Summer was completely set. The entire forest had turned to brown with no sign of greens. Afternoons and late evening was nothing but scorching! But with 9 Tigers and 6 Leopards that gave sightings of my life time, the intensity of summer disappeared. I also was fortunate enough to witness a closely fought battle between Leopards (Mother and Cub) with Wild-dogs but sadly i knew one of them died in the overall fight. Besides that, for the first time, in the last 10-12 years, I was overjoyed to watch a Tiger walk across the Kabini backwaters with sun setting far across! I was just beaming ear to ear. Evenings were too good with me hanging out with my fellow friends and their families, planning for our next family trips ...These are the things that make up my life. Kabini - You are my life and always remain mine.

Kabini Feb 14 2021 Edition

Posted on: Mar 4 2021 6:00 AM
A complete surprise trip - It so happened that my son had plans but a surprise test from his teacher got me an opportunity! So i became his proxy! Loads of Metallica CDs, Duran Duran, George Michael, Roxette & Madonna in my Car, flask full of Filter Coffee, all alone driving through the painful road from Bangalore to Mysore, it was more of onset of Summer all through. The forest was turning to light brown all ready, waterholes drying up - I could sense a terrible and scorching summer ahead. Even though, i was there for only 4 game-drives, I could make few good frames but the cats decided not to bother me except for few times. Russel Line Female (Mother) and on the final morning of the game drive, her sub-adult cub greeted me. I was quick enough to rattle few frames in just to satisfy the thirst. Besides that, i'd say, it was unusually dry. Nonetheless, it is my Kabini. It never disappoints me - She always makes it a point to bless me! :) Take a look at some of the images I curated from this trip.

Kabini Nov 20 with EOS R5 Review

Posted on: Nov 27 2020 12:59 AM
Umpteen trips to Kabini all these years however this time it was a different experience! Welcoming a new member to my family, Canon EOS R5, I was keen to test it out and write a review or share my experience. Dashing to Kabini, driving through wet weather, unseasonal rains as usual, I must confess, this trip was one of my most gratifying. Right from the start, weather was not at its best. It was raining in Bangalore and all through the journey, it drizzled and just when I was getting ready for my first game drive, heavens opened! Oh goodness - I thought, this was the last thing I wanted but in Kabini you can never guess what will happen next. All through my game drives for the next few days, weather would play around that opened up much more challenging conditions. Luck favoured with a total sightings of 9 Tigers and 6 Leopards besides Sloth Bear, Monitor Lizard, Fresh Water Otters, Purple Heron and Rock Python. I have given a detailed review in my blog on R5 however out here, I have posted some of the images I made along with EXIF Details to get an idea of how R5 performed - 45MP, Continuous Animal Eye Tracking feature, Image stabilisation and whole lot of features– It’s nothing short of a Magic Potion! In a typical kabini set-up where it set tones for a probable Sighting either early in the morning or quite late in the evening – more or less, you need something extra or a formula for not missing out any opportunities. During this visit, for me, most of the opportunities or chances that the woods threw at me was either before 7:30am that too under heavy overcast or after 530pm whereDarkness would threaten to take over every possible space in the woods. To me, R5 literally came across as a class set-apart and it challenged every hurdle comfortably. Even in the utmost situations and extreme low-light conditions (Say 6pm or 615pm or during misty mornings ), AF was pure magic, Eye-Tracking was at its best ( Except for smaller subjects in pockets) and stabilisation was amazing.   The only thing that got me disappointed was the battery life! This is one that literally made me go nuts. For every 3rd game drive, I had to recharge. I do hope, Canon will look into this to make some amends in their firmware to up its performance! Overall, R5, you will fall in love with this beast ! And I have already!  Please take a look at some of the work from his trip - I have provided EXIF details for better understanding. Hope you like it.

Kabini Sep 20 Edition

Posted on: Nov 23 2020 7:48 AM
Another quick trip to Kabini... It was few weeks earlier I was here ... perhaps i wanted more... Earlier trip in Aug was very gratifying and thought, I'd get more lucky. One of my dear friends had plans to join me but last minute, he was a no-show. So, then I started. Think the rain gods know how much I love rain, so half way through the journey, heavens opened. Solo travelling, lashing rains, listening to Metallica, Madonna, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, things can never go wrong. Work didn't cross my mind as I was buried in a world of music. At around 1145am, I reached, exchanging greetings with all my friends out there, took some rest. I kept looking at the skies - It would rain continuously for the next three days and i was mentally prepared for the worst. While the cats didn't bother me at all, but did manage to get some unique set of frames all through of other common subjects. Finally the last day, last safari, 15 minutes before the end-time, my luck turned on - A tiger crossed the road. Well, grinning from ear to ear, i bid good-bye to my friends, headed back home with fond memories.

Kabini August 2020 Edition

Posted on: Sep 11 2020 12:36 AM
Monsoon Series - 30th Aug 2020 The biggest regret of this year (2020) has been that I missed my regular "Monsoon Visits" that have been my ritual all these years. Thanks to the global pandemic and lockdown. That was playing on my mind all through. An impromptu visit - right from the start, I took my car out of the garage - overcast and light drizzle set the tone for my entire trip. It surely made me feel jolly good! throughout the journey, it made me feel as though I didn't miss anything. Green canopies, lashing rains and water logged tracks welcomed me - that literally brought a big ear to ear smile on my face. Moist air, dampness all around, rains fading in from time to time and lashing out rest of the time - waiting for early morning sun to sneak through the bushes waiting for those scintillating moments of light playing on the forest floor, birds chirping away to glory and my eyes peeled looking to absorb these amazing moments - this is what gives me the utmost satisfaction. emotions fills me up - nature, its beauty, splendour , watching these moments unfold and somewhere when Lady Luck grins, cats walk out... An absolute fulfilling trip, my love for rains didn't stop - It lashed out big time, more like a fury, until I reach Bangalore - Another season passed by and looking forward to many more!

Kabini Feb 2020 Edition

Posted on: Mar 22 2020 7:49 AM
A Quick visit to my second home, it was simmering! The summer had already set in. I thought, I stepped into a furnace but luckily after couple of days, I got much needed respite with few rains! One of the best sightings that I had ever had! Dates : 28th Feb to 2nd March 2020. Canon Gear

Serengeti 2020 Edition

Posted on: Mar 22 2020 7:15 AM
Retracing my footsteps, my journey as solo traveller, Serengeti calling me, she takes me into her arms. Another year and my yearly ritual takes place. I remember these lines.... Wilderness gave us knowledge. Wilderness made us human. We came from here. Perhaps that is why so many of us feel a strong bond to this land called Serengeti. Its the land of our youth - Boyd Norton. From 5th March 2020 to 12th March 2020. Canon Gear

Mara Migration 2019 Edition

Posted on: Sep 14 2019 6:55 AM
Jambo! 3rd to 9th September, Overnight stay in Monarch, Nairobi; Flew into Mara via SafariLink. Canon Gear ( IDX, IDX-MII, 70-200mm, 500mm and 16-35mm. Once again, back into the arms of Mother Nature and Wilderness. Once again to Mara! Good times with my friends out there. Peak of Migration, rains lashing out, weather changing in seconds, great photo opportunities - What more I can ask for? Check out some of my work in this album!

Kabini May 2019 Edition

Posted on: Jun 15 2019 10:19 PM
I was looking forward to this break for a long time! All alone... driving to my second home... with rains welcoming me... the smell of the forest was nothing but divine! What is the secret of this.. ? After years of being here, I am still I unable to figure it out ..but all I know is, this is purely addictive! I can't live without visiting her.. Mother Nature... my world... and every time, she welcomes me with both hands, gives her all... and she never disappoints me.. but she is never short of surprises...

Kabini April 2019 Edition

Posted on: Jun 15 2019 9:59 PM
It was some-time since I had been to my second home, but felt like ages; A quick visit to get my pulse run at the normal rate... While the afternoons were like a furnace, the forest wore the typical green coat, thanks to intermittent rains...Few images from this Edition.

Serengeti 2019 - In Quest of Moru Kopje Lions

Posted on: Mar 24 2019 3:05 AM
Yet another trip to my dream land, Serengeti with a bagful and soulful of hopes to photograph Lions on Moru Kopje! Well, Serengeti didn't disappoint me this time! Here are some of the curated images from this trip. February 2019. I stayed in Asanja Africa Camps. Canon Gear (IDX, IDX MII, 500mm, 70-200mm and 16-35mm)