Kabini May 2019 Edition

Posted on: Jun 15 2019 10:19 PM
I was looking forward to this break for a long time! All alone... driving to my second home... with rains welcoming me... the smell of the forest was nothing but divine! What is the secret of this.. ? After years of being here, I am still I unable to figure it out ..but all I know is, this is purely addictive! I can't live without visiting her.. Mother Nature... my world... and every time, she welcomes me with both hands, gives her all... and she never disappoints me.. but she is never short of surprises...

Kabini April 2019 Edition

Posted on: Jun 15 2019 9:59 PM
It was some-time since I had been to my second home, but felt like ages; A quick visit to get my pulse run at the normal rate... While the afternoons were like a furnace, the forest wore the typical green coat, thanks to intermittent rains...Few images from this Edition.

Serengeti 2019 - In Quest of Moru Kopje Lions

Posted on: Mar 24 2019 3:05 AM
Yet another trip to my dream land, Serengeti with a bagful and soulful of hopes to photograph Lions on Moru Kopje! Well, Serengeti didn't disappoint me this time! Here are some of the curated images from this trip. February 2019. I stayed in Asanja Africa Camps. Canon Gear (IDX, IDX MII, 500mm, 70-200mm and 16-35mm)